Hello! Hallo! Cześć! Salut! We are here again after such a long rest, which we really deserved.
Frankly speaking, at the end of my rest I had a great desire to return to all these crazy days.
Today I’d like to tell you about the most expected event of my already native department, I mean the week of our dear RGL! By the way, this year our department celebrates the 16th anniversary since its foundation. As you noticed I’ve decided to write this post in English because that’s the week of RGL! Sorry for some mistakes. My English isn’t perfect, however, I will try my best)
So, the first day of our celebration!
On Monday we had a fair where each student was able to buy our goods. This fair was special because we could enjoy the dishes of different cuisines from the USA to China. Then we had Grand Opening Ceremony. Our Dean congratulated us. After this, we could enjoy the talents of our RGL students. That was a great surprise for me that some of our students are so talented! It’s a great honour for me to study with such gifted people!
The second day of our celebration!
Oh, that day, Tuesday, was really special and unforgettable. Students of our faculty decided to change their image a little bit! Yeah, I’m talking about Change Image Day! That’s a tradition of our RGL. Unfortunately, my imagination is poor and I couldn’t join to this event. I really regret about it( However, I’ll go in for this the next year. I promise) So, that day you could meet characters from different fairy tails, movies etc.
We are moving to the third day)

Do you like reading books? I’m sure that you really like) All who adore reading could visit our Mini Book Fair on Wednesday! That was the great opportunity to refill your personal library. Unfortunately, because of lack of money, I couldn’t afford to buy a book that I liked. No, they weren’t so expensive. They were cheap. I’ m so extravagant)

So, and finally, our the fourth day) The last, but not least!

Have you ever fallen in love? And what do you know about love? On Thursday I had the greatest evening ever! Our the most talented RGL students made just a masterpiece. I mean the musical Leonce&Lena. That’s a story about the greatest feeling in the world. Imagine that the fate of your country depends on your marriage. You already have the bride, however, your heart belongs to the other girl. Because of all this situation, the prince decided to escape from his kingdom. You’ve got an extremely great amount of difficulties. Fortunately, this love story has the happy end! Amazing dances, charming voices and the atmosphere of the 60th years of the XX century. All these created an unforgettable performance. After this masterpiece, I’ve returned inspired and full of energy.

Unfortunately, the week of my the best department is over(

To sum up, this my the first week of RGL was the great one. I’d like to add, that during this we had a special atmosphere, and, of course, a lot of photos! I’m glad that I’m a student of such faculty)

Just RGL it!

Love RGL because we love you!

Yours truly Nastya)

P.S. Let me introduce my dear A-122