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Hello everyone! How are you doing? Today I decided to write my blog in English again. I hope you will like it!

To be honest, my life did not change from last week and I am looking forward to having something new in my life.  It is still not as colorful as I wanted but I think everything will be great soon. As you know, on Monday our country weakened quarantine measures, so we will have an opportunity to walk in parks, visit cafes and enjoy our lives. I am happy because of it. I would like to encourage all of you to be positive and cheer yourselves up in all situations. What is the main idea of my blog today? I would like to speak about something useful for entrants. I know you all are interested in studying at the university. Let’s go!

  1. Do undergraduates behave defiantly towards freshmen?

This question is important almost for all first-year students. I can easily answer. If you study at RGL faculty, you will be shocked from that friendly attitude and support; they will always help you and encourage not giving up.

My blog is fair so I will tell you the truth. RGL faculty is one of the most difficult departments in my university but it does not mean that you will not have enough forces to do it. It means that out faculty give great opportunity to become qualified workers in future. If you do everything in time, you will enjoy studying here. Do not miss it!

It is not a secret that we have an alternative way of studying when you pay exact amount of money. The attitude of teachers and other students are fair and good. In all cases, you have a chance to be in our lovely department.

          I wanted to study in Kiev too. However, when I met my groupmates everything has changed. You have to remember, if you are alone, Kiev will not help. Appreciate friends and people who surrounds you! Life will become easier and funnier.

Real pupils from 11 grade asked these questions. I am sure, they will help you which university and department to choose. Wish you good luck on your exams and patience because this year is more difficult than others.